Goat Pile to Den Wall

One of my all time favorite DIY projects was when I was about 6 months pregnant with our third child, it was freezing cold at Christmas time, but I knew it would have to go down while I was visiting my parents over the holidays or it just wouldn’t happen (since I needed my dad’s mad saw skills….didn’t want to attempt that with the big belly in the way…..as well as the cypress slats from his pile at the barn).  I had an idea in my mind of EXACTLY what I wanted it to look like, sketched it on paper for him with exact dimensions (yes, I’m type A…..but my dad couldn’t say much….I got it from him).


While dad got his tools prepared, I pretty much devoted my efforts to just sanding the goat poop off the cypress boards and loading wood in the old wood burning furnace in the shop to keep us warm.


Here it is coming to fruition.  I had to go back and forth with my dad a bit because he’s a tad old school and sees the historical aspect of things and I was only seeing the end product I wanted.  It was hard for him to cut the cypress boards from 12″ down to 10″ because he said in the olden days it was very rare to find a 12″ cypress slat come out of the sawmill.  But I finally talked him into it…..I wanted each board to be the exact same width and when I told him to give me the saw he gladly moved forward.  And no….I wasn’t going to get to work with that saw at 6 months pregnant.  I knew it would do the trick ;).

Dad sure was working hard……coming along very nicely and staying warm by that wood burning stove I might add.  My back couldn’t handle much more so at about 10:00pm I had to give Nana a break and go bathe the other kids, get them in bed and crash.  I woke up to find that dad had trimmed the edges out quite beautifully to give me an amazing piece, exactly like I wanted!!!


See the darker vertical spots on the third cypress board?  That’s where my dad once used that very same board as a ramp into his truck for my black lab that had hip problems and couldn’t jump up in his truck anymore.  I LOVE that the piece also holds sentimental value.  When picking out the boards, he grabbed that one and showed it to me and I knew immediately what it had been used for.  And I also love how you can see the blade marks on each board where the huge blade cut the boards as it ran through the sawmill decades ago.


TA-DA!!!!!  The finished product.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this piece ?????!!!!!!??????

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