Entertainment Center — 3 ways

I always seem to have some sort of little project going on.  Actually…..it’s more like a FEW projects going on and I work on one here a little and another a little…and eventually they all get done.  I guess it just kind of depends on what my mood is or what the kids are up to.  They kind of dictate where I am so I usually work on whatever is in the vicinity of where they are.

Here’s a piece that I bought for $20 at a garage sale and re-purposed TWICE 🙂

An old entertainment center — everyone is trying to get rid of these, these days.  NOONE has those big tube TVs anymore.  You can find these just about anywhere you go (Goodwill, Salvation Army, the curb, you name it).


I tried to re-purpose this as best as I could and really liked how it turned out.  It sat on our back patio for a couple of years like this and stored the cat and dog food in the cabinets and the baskets are where the cats slept.  They loved their warm, hay-filled baskets.

I absolutely love chalk paint and one of my favorite brands is CeCe Caldwell.  I painted this piece in Destin Gulf Green (although it looks more like a soft aqua than green) which is one of my favorite colors in that line.  I usually get it from Magnolia Lighting, the closest retailer of this particular chalk paint line.  Plus, I just love going in there and seeing what new things they have and getting design inspiration.  So why is it one of my favorite brands of chalk paint?  Numerous reasons!

– It’s about half the cost of the other well-known name brand of chalk paint out there that is its main competitor (don’t want to say anything negative about other lines so I choose not to say the brand).

– It’s very thick so a little bit goes a very long way.  I used about half a quart when painting this piece.  And a quart runs about $35.

– They are all-natural and non-toxic <<read about it here>>.

– They are made in the USA

– They are mineral paints that contain no potentially harmful or toxic ingredients (e.g. nonyl phenol ethoxylats, APEO, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or acrylic co-polymers) and are packaged in recycled plastic containers.

– They do not contain any ingredients that have to be listed on the label as hazardous under the California Prop 65 law.

After a couple of years, I decided to re-purpose this piece and sell it (I had a booth in a local indoor marketplace).  It stayed the Destin Gulf Green color, but I took out the painted glass from the top cabinets and replaced it with some old rusty tin and also put tin on the back to be able to store and display any items where it was originally meant for a TV to sit with a neat contrasting back.


I always get decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby.  They have the neatest selection and they are 50% off every other week.  So if they’re not on sale when I want them I simply wait until the next week and go in and get them half off ;).  I love a sale!

This piece sold after only a couple of days in the booth and I hope the new owner loved the end result as much as I did.


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