Chic Pool Shed

POOL SHED???!!!???  Yep!!!  You heard me right.  Now granted we don’t even have a pool yet, but a girl’s got to dream, right?!!?

This is BY FAR my favorite transformation of anything I have done to date!!!!  I wish I had taken a picture of my neighbor dragging this old rickety shed BACKWARDS on his tractor the 1/4-mile distance it went.  Not only for how funny it looked going down the road but also the look on his face….kind of like…..”okay, lady, you’re crazy for wanting this old thing full of chicken feathers but I’ll humor you and hook it to chains and get it on down there for you”.

So this is what it looked like:


Can you say UGLY?!!?  There were about two dozen things wrong with this shed and my husband thought I had lost my mind but I could see something totally awesome!!!  He’s learned to never say it’s a lost cause because that only makes me feel like the challenge IS ON!!!!

So that hole in the front where there was a trap door for the hens at night (the previous owner had used it for a hen house), that hole above the door, all the rotten wood, the broken window, the whole thing needed some pretty serious TLC.  Not to mention that during the moving process the door frame on the inside of the shed popped loose.  I could just hear Chip Gaines saying, ‘WHAT DAY IS IT???’  DEMO DAY!!!!!!!

After quite a few hot, steamy, humid days of prying off rotten wood I was really getting tired of this old shed.  And then as I was trying to carefully pry the doors off to repair them and used a little too much force, the doors busted into pieces and I started questioning whether this one would ever come to fruition.  So I decided to give it a break for a few days, shook it off, threw the old doors in the burn pile and went to the wood pile out back and found me some good 2x4s and started building some new shed doors.

Almost everything I do ends up looking the way it does from screwing something up and having to rethink my original vision.   So you guessed it….the doors.  I had originally planned to paint them but now that I was having to make new ones, I was seeing a new vision for the shed that I liked even more.

I am a HUGE fan of the Dark Walnut finish by Minwax.  I only used 1 coat of that and followed by two coats of satin finish Polyurethane to weatherproof it a good bit.  Since I love the way the dark doors stand out against a light color, I decided to paint the shed white.

After I had ripped off all the old, rotten wood and replaced it and pretty much demo’d everything that needed it, I pulled out my trusty paint sprayer and got that shed primed in about 45 minutes.  I love my paint sprayer and love even more that it was cheap and does everything that I need it to.  The one I use is the HomeRight Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer that I bought from Amazon.

It’s coming along…..


As you can see in this pic, it was taken before I had accidentally torn up the original doors.  I had planned on painting the doors white and leaving the 2x4s a nice, weathered look.  I found these lanterns in our garage (I think I bought them from an estate sale a few years back and just couldn’t find a place for them) and I immediately had a light bulb moment for the front of the shed.  And I LOVE the way it looked when I put them up.

I am a firm believer in being resourceful and reusing what you can, so I (thankfully) was able to salvage the hinges off the old doors that I busted up and reuse them on the new ones.  I replaced the vent cover, replaced a LOT of framing boards, made some operable shutters where the glass window had previously been (with some wood I had left over from a previous project) and *BOOM*!!!!!  I was starting to see my vision come together.  I painted the shed one of my favorite shades of white….Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  It’s not a super bright white, and not creamy, either.  Perfectly in between.


But still figuring out what to do to fix that gaping hole in the front!!!!  We have two outdoor cats that I thought would love to cozy up in here during the winter months.  So back to Amazon I went and ordered a simple, two way opening cat door for them to go in and out as they please.  Once it came in, I installed it and was very pleased with the finished result.  The cats are slowly getting used to using the cat door and having a new home, and I’m still getting used to having a super cool, nice pool shed out back.  Now only to get some pretty landscaping around it, some solar candles for those lanterns and a pool……….


Loving the finished pool shed!!

I must say…..this is one of the few projects my husband has stood back and stared at and said “Wow, I really like that”.  I think he was pretty amazed at the transformation, too.